Author: wraith13


Bedroom flooring ideas

The flooring of bedroom need to be decided very keenly as the other color and furniture is to be matched with it or should give out a good combination. So we can say it is an intimate portion of the room and should be made beautiful with wonderful ideas in...


Musical theme in bedroom

For relaxing in the bedroom, you need to keep a watch on the track list whether its instrumental or songs with lyrics. No doubt, when you are in bedroom, you will mostly opt for soothing music but this is not enough as music comes in various types. Even in soothing type of music, many...


Bedroom for kids

Bedroom for kids A kid’s dream is to sleep in his own beautiful room. The ambiance in the room should be pleasant and happy. Apart from this a comfortable and sound sleep is must for kids.Obviously, there can be three types of rooms-  for boys, for girls and third for...