Author: Alex Owen


Preparing the guest bedroom

It’s not happening every day, but, from time to time, you will receive overnight guests and no matter how well you know them, you have to do your best to make them feel welcomed. Preparing the most comfortable environment in the guest bedroom is the first thing that says you...


3 ideas for a more spacious bedroom

If your bedroom is not as spacious as you would like it to be, you need to think about rearranging the room in a way that will transform it in something brighter and roomier. For this, you might need to make some furniture changes and also rearrange the objects that...


Bedroom Feng Shui

Being guided by the feng shui rules in hopes of an improved lifestyle is not something recent. From ancient times, people have tried to attract positive energies from the environment and channel them in their favor. When it comes to the bedroom, under no circumstances should you ignore the feng...